Meet our Sunies sneakers, cool shoes for kids!

We, at Sunies, are used to looking at pretty things all day long (our lovely Sunies Sandals are eye candy and you know it!).

But when the latest Sunies Kids Sneakers arrived in the office we were absolutely swept off our feet!

Sunies Kids Sneakers Collection 2021 are not only cute-looking, they also feel and smell divine!

 And so much more:

  • safe: they are breathable, ergonomic, slip-free, sturdy, and with a textured (in) sole
  • comfortable: they are ultra-lightweight, flexible slip-ons, sweat-free and so so soft!
  • versatile: they are waterproof, with a removable insole and entirely machine-washable
  • funky: mix-and-match the 5 colors they come in (white, black, pink, blue, and clear) for a unique style or show off those cool socks with the clear (transparent) ones
  • sustainable: made of 77% (YES, you read right, whooping 77%!!!) natural fibers, like coconut, bamboo, sugar cane, salt, and coconut oil; and the rest 23% is comfortable recyclable materials
  • circularity: once your kids have had all the climbing, jumping, splashing, running adventures in them, send us back to us and you will get a discount on future purchases, we will recycle them, and the Planet will thank us all
  • certified vegan
  • designed in Europe and made in Brazil!!!
  • fun: they are labeled ‘left’ and ‘right’:)
  • unique: look closer and you will see the fibers inside
  • adult-jealously-inducing they come in sizes 27/28 to 35/36 (EU) so big brothers and sisters, and even moms will covet them for sure!
  • weather-friendly: lake, sea, pool in summer, playground, forest hike, school in spring and fall, outdoors or at home and kindergarden, they are (almost) always the appropriate choice (we know kids will love them so much, but maybe don’t let them wear in the snow! Not that they are not waterproof… :)
  • they are ready-to-order!



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