Wear One Shoe All Day? With Sunies You Can!

Have you ever tried to find shoes that are comfortable, eco friendly and stylish? Doesn’t it usually feel like you always have to choose between one of the three?

Luckily, with Sunies you don’t have to choose anymore. We’ve combined sustainability, support and style so that you can even wear one shoe all day. Yes, they’re that comfortable!

Versatile, practical and fashionable, our vegan sandals come in plenty of colors and are made with love to inspire you to express yourself and feel as good as you look.

Dress them up or dress them down, on the weekend or during your work days. Sunies sandals can be worn for so many occasions and you don’t even have to change if you’re running around town the whole day!

Going on a trip soon? Walk around and see the sights all day with our vegan sandals! Supportive and super lightweight, they’re the perfect pair to pack in your suitcase.

Rain or shine, Sunies are by your side (and on your feet, of course!) They’re water resistant, easy to clean and breathable to keep your feet happy when you’re on the go.

For the minimalist, they’re a dream come true. One pair of sandals for many occasions means less in your home and less in the landfills.

Speaking of caring for the planet, if you’re thinking about making more zero-waste purchases, you’ve found the right shoes. Our vegan sandals are made from renewable materials and are 100% recyclable. And, guess what? We take care of recycling them for you and then even send you a special discount for your next pair. 

Wear one shoe all day!  Click here to shop for your Sunies sandals!

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