Circular fashion, the latest fashion concept from Sunies Shoes

You may have heard about Circular fashion, the latest trend in the fashion world, it has become one of the the fashion's most embraced sustainability concepts.

And though seemingly just a new trend, circularity – in commerce and consumption – is (and should be) a given: an intrinsic feature without which nothing should or could be done.  

Buying things has never been easier: accessible, available, and cheap!

So cheap, in fact, that it has become easier to replace things than have them repaired. And the same is true for laptops and washing machines, as well as for pens, toasters, and even shoes!

The technical cycle of a man-made item has sadly been shrunk to a ridiculously brief life span.

However, recycling and reducing is no longer enough. Saving an item from the landfill does not mean less CO2 or fewer resources, since more and more new items are and will be produced and produced over and over again.

In a circular economy, the biological cycle of a live being is emulated and the life of a product has a beginning, usage span, and an end. And then, it all starts from the beginning.

Consider Sunies.

They are made of 77% natural resources to start with. That means safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, but also, and perhaps even more importantly so, biodegradable resources. Which, in turn, means, those same materials can, and will be reused to make yet new wonderful slides and sandals, take a look at the chart below ⬇️



This model is not only economically sustainable, but really, really helps our environment! Less is produced, which means less gas is emitted, fewer raw materials are depleted, and already made resources are reused and reintegrated into new products.

So, to sum it all up for Sunies: 77% natural resources are reused, and 23% of already manufactured EVA foam and recyclable PVC do not need to me made again!


A circular, conscious, truly sustainable business model.

As beautiful as Sunies!


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